False Flags and Internet Censorship: A Cautionary Tale

The Internet went down in Mauritius – and you should be afraid. Homes, businesses, and even mobile/wireless users were unable to access much of the online world Monday thanks to what government IT managers are calling an “external cyberattack from multiple locations.” Without providing any evidence, the Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA), which overseesContinue reading “False Flags and Internet Censorship: A Cautionary Tale”

Think Canada’s bad? Try COVID Quarantine in “Paradise!”

Lord have mercy, Canadians do whine so! I just breezed through the transcript from one of Tucker Carlson’s segments on the quarantine guidelines for returning Canadian citizens. In it, he laments how inbound travelers must provide a negative COVID test both before they board their plane and after they land, and that if they testContinue reading “Think Canada’s bad? Try COVID Quarantine in “Paradise!””

The White Guy Surcharge

It’s every white male’s fantasy: Throwing off the shackles of modern, work-a-day society and running away to some tropical island paradise, there to spend the rest of your days lolling in the sun sipping exotic tropical beverages. No deadlines. No pressure. Just surf, sand and solitude – the unholy trinity of bohemia. Of course, it’sContinue reading “The White Guy Surcharge”